The founders, owners, and makers behind The Howling Fern 

We met and became friends while in art school together in Boston, which is where the idea of The Howling Fern was initially planted. After graduating, Grace moved back to her native California while DeeDee remained in Boston. 


We are makers, artisans, and environmentalists as much as we are shopkeepers. We use highly specialized materials and techniques to handcraft functional, aesthetic decor for your home - all with the goal of facilitating a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle for you. 


Grace in her California Studio.

We make all of our products by hand, in-house and 10% of every product sold supports environmental charities. We invest in plastic-free, recycled shipping materials, and approach every facet of our operations from a sustainability standpoint. We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability practices and creating home decor that is good for people and our shared planet. 

Our goal is for The Howling Fern to be a positive force in the world that enriches people’s homes and lives.


Welcome to our creative community. 

DeeDee & Dory in their Boston Studio.

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