Our Story

We want Howling to be a positive force in the world

We met in art school and became fast friends over our shared belief that a joyful, sustainable life takes very little: rescue pups, nature, creativity, generosity, and lots of craft cider. Though we now live on opposite coasts, we love finding and sharing products crafted by creative makers, connecting with new people, and learning how to live thoughtfully and sustainably through The Howling Fern. 

DeeDee & Grace

Nala's Story

Nala was one of those souls that only came around every once in a while. From the streets of Los Angeles to a kill shelter, and finally, to roadtripping across the country and back, Nala truly embodied the spirit of adventure and showed everyone who crossed her path, the unparalleled love of a rescue pup.


Though she is no longer with us, we know her spirit is still out there, somewhere, and is at the very heart of everything we do.


The Inspiration for The Howling Fern

IMG_1324 (1).HEIC

Howling will always be our passion project

With a family background in business and a passion for art and sustainability, creating The Howling Fern somehow became the perfect marriage of the two. I currently work in real estate and property management while running Howling with DeeDee. 


 It's funny because Howling has this way of evolving as we grow as individuals. Since The Howling Fern first started, it has been a part of us that we use to be the change we hope to see in the world. Though it's sometimes hard to believe how much it has evolved, The Howling Fern has been, and will always be, our passion project. 

Grace Chang



We believe businesses can do better by people and the planet

After studying sculpture alongside Grace, I spent a year walking dogs, being outside, making art, and developing goals for The Howling Fern. Though I continue to experiment with 3D printing and concrete, cement, and gypsum casting, I have since started working in interior design and earning a Masters of Design in Sustainable Design at The Boston Architectural College. 


In 2018, my partner and I rescued our own pint-sized pup, Dory. She is ten pounds of crazy, but she has endless amounts of loyalty, love, and adventure. Like Nala, Dory has had to overcome a lot in life. These sweet souls have inspired our passion for animal wellness and rescue.  


Grace and I created The Howling Fern to be a synthesis of everything we believe in: sustainability, environmentalism, ethically and creatively-made products, slow and nature-based living, animal rescue, and giving to others. Grace and I want to run a business that does better by people and the planet.