7 Ways to Decorate for Spring: How to Freshen Up Your Space

Spring has sprung, and we’re having visions of winding hiking trails surrounded by budding trees, fresh flowers sprouting up in our gardens, and sun-drenched afternoons curled up with plants. Spring is the perfect time to connect more deeply with nature and bring it more closely into our lives; it has a beautiful way of rejuvenating us.

All of us are spending quite a bit of time at home, so it’s more important now than ever to maximize the joy we get out of our spaces. We’ve come up with some easy ways for you to embrace spring, connect with nature, feel calm in your space, and get the most out of your work-from-home scenarios.

1. Earthy Neutrals

A lot of people say that spring is the time for pops of neon colors. We beg to differ. Now is a great time to integrate earthy neutrals into your home’s color palettes. Create a new accent wall in your favorite space or, if you rent apartments as we do, repaint an old dresser, table, or chair. Our favorite choices? Creams, peaches, sages, and soft grays. Some of our favorite colors this season are:

We love Benjamin Moore’s Natura series because of how eco-friendly it is (all of our color picks are from this series!). If you’re looking for a non-wall paint, try Real Milk Paint Co.’s non-toxic, natural paints.

2. Natural textures

Add texture and warmth to your space with macrame hangers, jute rugs, woven baskets, and knit throws. We love to incorporate plenty of natural textures to play off clean neutral colors and plenty of plants.

We handcraft our The Howling Fern Winona and Celia macrame hangers for your plant babies. Grace makes each one in her California studio with organic cotton. Some of our favorite throws and baskets: Urban Outfitter’s macrame baskets, Lulu and Georgia’s floor basket, and Anthropologie’s light grey throw.

3. Grow your indoor jungle

We feel like this should always be on the to-do list, but adding some new plants to your space is a great way to feel refreshed and ready for spring. A new plant will purify the air in your home, reduce your stress, improve your creativity and concentration, and bring your space to life.

Some of our favorite go-to plants are Snake Plants, Rubber Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Golden Pothos, and cacti. You can put any medium-sized plant in our indoor/outdoor Rosalie planter, and she’ll give your new green additions drainage, space to grow, and style.

4. Fresh cuttings and propagation in minimal vases

We love minimal glass vases with clean lines paired with fresh cuttings from your garden or propagating plants. Simple is always sophisticated. Minimal vases and green cuttings are a great way to decorate your table, dresser, or coffee table without spending money on fresh flowers. You can change the cuttings every week or two. If you’re propagating, make sure your cuttings have bright indirect light. We love doing this with Pothos, Philodendrons, and Wandering Jews.

Here are some of our favorite minimal vases: These recycled glass vases from VivaTerra, the Echasse Vase, this cocoon vase, and this rose-tinted vase from Anthropologie.

5. Fresh scents

We designed our Sylvia and Mardy scented candles to capture the experience of being outside in the springtime. We made our scents to embody the smell of budding flowers and plants, the warm tingling sensation of sunshine on your skin, and the feeling of fresh air on your face. Our candles are infused with essential oils, which have a variety of natural health benefits.

If you’re not into candles, try a diffuser for some of your favorite essential oils.

6. Declutter and organize.

It’s the time of year for spring cleaning. Decluttering, organizing, and accounting for all of your belongings will help you feel calm and in control of your home. It feels fantastic to get rid of what you don’t use and donate it! Some organizational pieces we love? These fun basket tables, these mini baskets, drawer dividers, and storage bins.

7. Rattan accents

This is one of our favorite spring trends — rattan accents. Rattan is a natural woven material that, like macrame, baskets, and knit throws, adds warmth and texture into your space. Rattan pieces provide beautiful, natural elements to your decor and pair so well with plants. You’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and at one with nature with this addition to your spring space.

Our picks for rattan accent pieces are The Citizenry’s rattan coffee table, Milly + Eugene’s round rattan pendant, and Holistic Habitat’s minimal rattan accent chair.

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