Our Afternoon Tea basket combines two hand-thrown ceramic mugs with a half pound jar raw wildflower honey to create a sweet soothing treat.


There are so many reasons to love this basket. Each Wild Bower mug is handcrafted by an uber-talented female ceramicist in upstate New York  in a studio that runs on rainwater and solar energy. Our honey is all-natural and sustainably harvested by a family-owned business in rural Vermont, and each jar is organic, small-batch, and packaged by hand. 


Afternoon Tea

    • The basket contains two Flare Mugs and one half-pound jar of raw honey
    • The mug measures 6”  W x 4.25” x 3”; soft white speckled glaze

    • Handthrown - variations to be expected

    • Honey comes in a ½ pound glass jar. 

    • Honey from the Republic of Vermont has never been heated, which preserves and enhances its natural flavors.

    • Please be aware that honey will crystallize over time. This is a natural process - it does not mean that the honey has expired, and you can still consume it in its crystallized state. If you’d like to bring it back to its liquid state, simply place the jar in warm water. 

    • What is raw honey? It’s honey that hasn’t undergone extensive artificial treatments and processing. This raw wildflower honey is harvested, strained, and then put into jars - which maximizes honey’s natural health benefits.