We know how stressful life can be, which is why we've developed a natural, eco-friendly candle made to make you feel good. 


Relax and unwind in your space with our handcrafted coconut wax candles. These dreamy, hand-poured candles are a way to feel rejuvenated and restored after a long workday. 


Like all of our product titles, Sylvia's name is inspired by inspirational figures in history for their various contributions to environmentalism, women's rights, or animal rescue.


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    • Lavender and vanilla
    • Promotes relaxation
    • Equal parts lavender and sweet vanilla
    • A soothing, warm scent that can give you the perfect spa day feeling after a long day


    • Sweet orange and cedarwood
    • Promotes positivity, tension relief, and concentration
    • Equal notes of light citrus and rich woody cedar
    • An earthy scent- the perfect way to enjoy those luxuriously long summer nights


    • Fresh rain, nectarine, and tea tree 
    • Promotes a healthy immune system
    • a clean, refreshing scent 
    • A balanced scent that brings you out into nature from the comfort of your home

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