Happy plants make for happy people, so make your plants happy with our handcrafted cement planter set. 


We love growing our indoor jungles, so it was really important for us to design a planter that is both aesthetic and functional. Our planters are cast with a drainage hole and a tray that is tailor-made to its dimensions, so you don’t have to choose between what’s good for your plants and what’s good for your home.   


Rosalie was made to simplify your space with her clean lines and soft gray color. We cast each Rosalie planter with an artisan cement mix created to be exceptionally lightweight, strong, and water-resistant. She will help your plants thrive inside or outside for many years to come. 


Like all of our product titles, Rosalie's name is inspired by inspirational figures in history for their various contributions to environmentalism, women's rights, or animal rescue.


Please note: because we make each and every Howling product by hand, there will be slight color variations and textures in the cement unique to each cast.


*Plant not included.


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    • Planter: 5”x5”x5” and 1/2" thick
    • Tray: 5 ½” x 5 ½” x 1” and ¼” thick

    • Planter comes with a drainage hole

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